Ungurahui (Bataua)

Ungurahui (Bataua)

Ungurahui Fruits (Oenocarpus bataua)

Also known as Bataua or Patauá, Ungurahui is extremely rich in Omega 9 Oleic Acid. 

The Awajún people of the Amazon have been collecting Ungurahui, both as a nutritious edible fruit as well as pressing the fruit into oil, to strengthen and shine their hair and skin for generations.  

A truly unique and highly prized product, not easily sourced from other providers, it is great for skin and hair and would make a great additive to shampoos and conditioners.


We provide Candela Peru's Wild Bataua Oil in a 30ml format and as a bulk wholesale ingredient. We also use it in our Arbor Mundi Natural Serums and Elixirs: Youth Fountain Rejuvenating Serum and Bosquera Fortifying Hair Elixir.