Bosqueros Peru: our non-profit association in the Peruvian Amazon.

We manage a small, no-overheads, non-profit association in Peru which works with indigenous communities and farmers to regenerate and reforest degraded land as well as building local expertise in new forest-friendly non-timber forest products to reduce the motivation to deforest and develop diversified, sustainably income to families and communities.

Context: Arbor Mundi was established as a social enterprise, primarily to generate revenue in support of the people and forest in the Amazon through the activities of our non-profit association, Bosqueros Peru based in the Amazon. The word Bosqueros, we created as a meaning for those that earn a living from the forest and are motivated to protect it.

Activities: Through local partners, we do innovative, no-overhead reforestation and capacity building projects in the Amazon. We don't have the bureaucracy, intermediaries, salaries and fund-raising expenses like the big organizations. 

Projects: We are a new demonstrating small scale project capabilities in order to obtain institutional grant funding for bigger projects, so all support goes a long way in setting us up for bigger scale projects in the future.

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Our Projects and Activities

Reforestation: We operate seed collection and a nursery in San Roque, San Martín. Our local team regenerate and reforest degraded land in the region. We work with local farmers to improve soil quality through local, organic nutrients and replant endemic species to help the forest recover where it has been cleared.

Capacity-Building: Our current projects include supporting farmers and communities diversify their income streams towards forest-friendly products including Vanilla, Cacay Nuts, Aguajes, Herbal Tea plants and Beekeeping.

Emergency Relief: We support the Comando Matico volunteer health service in Pucallpa, Ucuyali in addition to helping the communities of Chazuta, San Martín and Yutupis, Amazonas with their COVID-relief efforts. We also receive direct requests for emergency help to support orphaned children as well as individual emergency healthcare costs.

Conservation: We are involved in protecting the biodiverse convergence zone between the Amazon and Andes known as the Cordillera Escalara in San Martín, Peru.

Our Home in the Amazon

San Roque, San Martin, Peru