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Product: Highly prized Vitamin E rich Bataua Oil (also known as Ungurahui) from the Amazon plus Palo Santo for an exotic blend of 2 of Peru's most luxurious products. A simple formula with exceptional results. A similar product is in the market but we respect our customers enough not to gouge them. You can buy 5 of ours for less than 1 of theirs! 

Profile: Bosquera Fortifying Hair Elixir is for beautiful, strong and lustrous hair. Apply to dry or damp hair and leave-in or rinse out after 15 minutes. 

Aroma: Palo Santo

Ingredients: Wild Bataua Oil (Oenocarpus bataua), Palo Santo Essential Oil (Bursera graveolens).

Volume: 30ml / 1 fl oz

Sourcing: Our Bataua Oil is fair trade and cold-pressed wild Ungurahui fruits, collected by indigenous Awajún community partners of Candela Peru. Our Palo Santo is the world's most sustainable and highest quality, from Essential Oils Peru. The name "Bosquera" refers to women who make a living from the forest and is inspired by the many women in our value chains.

Supports Amazon Reforestation and Communities: Beyond the inherent protection and income our value chains provide the forest and Manga Manga partner community in the Dry North Coast of Peru, we also transfer $1 from every Arbor Mundi product sold to our non-profit Association Bosqueros Peru in the Amazon to fund reforestation and capacity building in non-timber forest products. 

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