Youth Fountain - Rejuvenating Serum

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Product: A rich all-natural, filler-free formula of moisturizing Almond Oil, prized Bataua oil and anti-inflammatory, anti-aging Copaiba Balsam with regenerating Rosewood, tightening Geranium + hints of aromatic Lavender and astringent Clove for an Amazonian inspired daily rejuvenating serum. Grandma's secret. 

Profile: Youth Fountain Rejuvenating Serum is based on traditional Amazonian knowledge. It is made of rich botanical extracts with regenerating, moisturizing and tightening properties for younger looking skin.  

Aroma: Rosewood and Geranium (woody, floral, luxurious)

Ingredients: Organic Almond Oil, Wild Bataua Oil, Wild Copaiba Balsam, Essential Oils of Rosewood, Geranium, with a hint of Lavender and Clove. 

Volume: 30ml / 1 fl oz

Supports Amazon Reforestation and Communities: Beyond the inherent protection and income our value chains provide the forest and communities in the Amazon, we also transfer $1 from every Arbor Mundi product sold to our non-profit Association Bosqueros Peru in the Amazon to fund reforestation and capacity building in non-timber forest products. 

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