1kg Incan Salt / Sal de Maras

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Product: Ori Premium Select Coarse Grain Crystal Incan Salt in a 1kg (2.2lb) format. Also known as Sal de Maras, Sal Rosada, Peruvian Pink Salt, Maras Salt etc. 

Applications: Incan Salt is a food grade product popularly used for grilling and decorating fine chocolates and other confections such as salted caramels. We primarily provide it to skin care producers as a mineral-rich highly marketable exfoliant ideal for body scrubs, upscale replacement for Epsom salt or creating salt sprays for beach hair. Also makes delicious pickles! 

Benefits: Sal de Maras is rich in beneficial minerals including calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc and is revered for both food as well as for skin care products.

Source: Incan Salt is collected from ancient Incan salt pans near the village of Maras. Water bubbles up from a natural spring and mixes with subterranean ancient salt lakes to collect in these pans. The spring water evaporates in the equatorial sun, leaving this mineral rich salt where it is still collected in a traditional artisanal manner by the Quechua descendants of the Inca.