Andean Mint Essential Oil

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Product: Essential Oils Peru 100% Pure Sustainably Sourced Andean Mint Essential Oil. Known locally as Muña. Steam-Distilled.

Aroma: Refreshing, crisp and herbaceous.

Profile: An aromatic species native to the Peruvian Andes, Andean Mint (Minthostachys mollis) is traditionally used as a digestive aid, treating respiratory ailments and to counteract altitude sickness. This species is only distilled by EOP.

Aromatherapy: Refreshing and invigorating. Refreshes the environment and eliminates bad odours. Useful for times of stress and headaches.

Skin Care: An exotic and unique alternative to peppermint with a related profile. Beneficial ingredient in toners, facial cleansers and shampoos thanks to its brightening, Acne-controlling as well as circulation and hair growth stimulating effects.

Sustainability: Andean Mint grows wild in the Sacred Valley region of Cusco, Peru. EOP works with community partners to trim and collect the leaves of this renewable resource from their properties.

Purity: All Essential Oils Peru products are of the finest quality and 100% pure, never diluted or chemically modified.

Ingredients: 100% Andean Mint Essential Oil (Minthostachys mollis).

Volume: 10ml / 0.33 fl oz