Candela Peru

Candela Peru is a highly responsible, non-profit association which has been specializing in Organic Products for over 30 years. They are a world leader in Organic Brazil Nuts and Brazil Nut Oil, supplying some of the biggest international customers. In the last decade, they have expanded in to Organic Fair Trade Chocolate and other Organic and Wild Oils and Butters. We are proud to be their exclusive distribution partner for personal size oils as well as their leading North American distributor of ingredients and an aspiring North American sales agent for high volumes direct to the buyer. 

Essential Oils Peru

Essential Oils Peru is a highly responsible distiller and bottler of specialty essential oils and leader in sustainable Palo Santo, Pink Pepper and Amazonian Rosewood Oil. We are proud to be their exclusive distribution partner for personal size products and small bulk ingredients in the USA and Canada as well as an aspiring sales agent for high volumes direct to the buyer.


Arbor Mundi (Our Brand)

We have just launched our first range of products under our own brand in February, 2021. They are a range of essential oil blends, face & hair serums plus hydrosols, mists and Palo Santo Santo sticks and are produced in collaboration with Candela Peru and Essential Oils Peru. They are based around the ingredients of our partners and we are all committed to the same superior quality and ethical supply chain for these new products. 

We are currently working with a new partner on a range of specialty health teas as well as a range of blended health powders with Candela. We plan to launch both of these new ranges in Q2, 2021. 


In the background, we are working with Coffee and Cacao experts to set up the supply chain, logistics and initial customer network for a line of fine Coffee and Cacao by the end of 2021 on a level beyond Fair Trade, that we call "Friend Trade" as the producers are in our friend network in Peru and Colombia.