Andean Mint (Muña)

Andean Mint (Muña)

Andean Mint (Mintostachys mollis)

Known locally as Muña, the leaves are traditionally used as tea for digestion and combatting altitude sickness and respiratory problems in the Andean region of Peru.

Andean Mint is rich in Pulegone, Menthone and Carvone which are naturally occurring terpenes recognized for their anti-bacterial, respiratory aid and decongestant qualities. As such, Andean Mint is a great oil for diffusing to relieve cold & flu symptoms.


We provide EOP's Andean Mint Essential oil in a 10ml format and as a bulk wholesale ingredient. We also use it for its aromatic and beneficial qualities in our Arbor Mundi 100% Essential Oil Blends: Dynamic Defence, Deep Breathe and Peppermint Temple.