Peruvian Myrtle

Peruvian Myrtle

Peruvian Myrtle (Luma Chequen)

Refreshing and herbaceous wild-harvested. Our partner EOP are the only known distiller of this essential oil making us the only provider in North America.

Known locally in its native region of the Andes as Arrayán, our essential oil is the steam-distilled leaves of this medicinal and aromatic shrub.

Peruvian Myrtle is traditionally used for its skin cleansing properties. We recommend it for inclusion in high quality skin and hair care applications, including for acne and dandruff control at <1% concentration.


We provide EOP's Peruvian Myrtle Essential oil in a 10ml format and as a bulk wholesale ingredient. We also use it for its aromatic and beneficial qualities in our Arbor Mundi Face Serums: Garden Glow Herbal Radiance Serum and Real Rescue Clear Skin Serum.