Aguaje / Buriti Fruit

Aguaje  / Buriti Fruit

Aguaje Fruit / Buriti Fruit (Mauritia flexuosa)

Aguajes are the richest plant source of Beta-Carotene (Vitamin A / Retinol) and also have high Vitamin E and C levels. The people of the Amazon have been consuming this unique fruit for its vitamins and phytoestrogens for millennia.  

Aguaje oil, referred to as Buriti Oil in Portuguese and now in English, is used as a potent moisturizer and to treat sun-damaged skin and is also used to hydrate, soften and straighten hair.


We provide Candela Peru's Organic Wild Buriti Oil in a 30ml format and as a bulk wholesale ingredient. We use Buriti Oil for its rich revitalizing quality in our Sol Savior Revitalizing Serum